Promun for Newborn Foals

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PROMUN for Newborn Foals

Mineral amino acid and vitamin supplement indicated for newborn foals in the lactation phase.
PROMUN is the ideal supplement to help in the feeding of foals who received little milk or low quality colostrum. PROMUN aids in improving the absorption of nutrients.

Promun for Newborn Foals is a product that can be offered as a supplement for foals that are underweight and treating common diseases at this stage of life, such as diarrhea, pneumonia, rhodococcosis, parasitic infestations, septic arthritis, omphalophlebitis, infections of viral origin and fungal.
These are conditions that weaken the animal, prevent the proper consumption of food and increase the need to ingest certain nutrients.
Another Organnact launch to help keep the newborn on the right path for quality development

How to use
Supply 3 ml directly into the animal's mouth, once a day, for 9 days. 1 tube treats one foal for the 9 day treatment.

Box contains:
One - 78ml tube 

Glutamic acid (min.) 15 g / kg
Beta - glucans (min.) 40 g / kg
Chlorine (min.) 18 g / kg
L- glutamine (min.) 15 g / kg
Mannanoligosaccharide (min.) 20 g / kg
Selenium (min.) 4 mg / kg
Sodium (min.) 12 g / kg
Vitamin C (min.) 9,700 mg / kg
Vitamin E (min.) 3,500 IU / kg
Zinc (min.) 1,600 mg / kg

Sodium chloride (common salt), egg powder, water, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc amino acid chelate, selenium proteinate, glutamic acid, L-glutamine, yeast cell wall, green apple flavor, natural caramel coloring, sucralose , methylparaben, propylparaben, sodium bisulfite, xanthan gum, BHT (butylated toluene hydroxide).

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